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Sunday, May 5, 2013


I would do my PLN like this because it is the simplest way. Everything is right out in the open for you to choose what you need. This would make it simple for students and teachers to get the information they need.

Final Reflection

Blog Assignment #15

My Future Classroom (Revised)

My future classroom will be an elementary class. I will do things different from other teachers in my future classroom. I will be a hands-on teacher, I firmly believe if y experience it you will remember. My classroom will be a more technology based environment for my students. I want all my students to be technology literate and know how to use different electronic devices. I want to be the type of teacher that makes her students well-rounded in all aspects of learning. My teaching method needs to be infectious to other teachers so all kids can get the proper education.

The Smartboard will be used in my classroom because it keeps the kids brain flowing and they get to experiment with it as well. I will also do blogging every now and then as a class to show the students how much information we can retrieve off the Internet and connecting with people. All my students will learn how to tweet and use facebook as a source of connecting with other students around the world. Skype and facetime will come along after that. There are so many other technologies we will use along the way.

I was a person who always believed in old-school learning, I am so glad I don't think that way anymore. Burp Back education is not what I want my students to learn and get comfortable with.  I will teach my class very different from they way I learned it. My class will start off with warming up exercises such as counting, alphabets, months, or seasons. There are many things I can develop along they way to add to my daily curriculum.

I do want my students involved and I want to know how comfortable they are with certain tools. I think I will be able to figure out who learns better with what instrument. All kids are different in their own ways and they learn at their own pace and teachers should recognize their strenghts. Many kids look up to their teachers for motivation and I want to be a cheerleader for my kids, I want to cheer them all the way to the finish line.

Time To Make A Change

The way I wanted to run my classroom in the beginning before EDM#310 was gonna be very outdated and boring compared to my new outlook on the way I want to do it now. There are so many different tools out there for kids to use to enhance their learning. Technology is not my strongest area, but I have gotten better since I'm taking edm310. I would never include all these technologies before, now I understand how much these tools would help them learn more effectively.

I will have computers throughout my classroom, in the beginning I didn't know much about blogging. I have changed my views about technology in the classroom, because of what I have learned. The Internet holds an enormous amount of information we just need to monitor our students on how they use it. I would urge all teachers to at least give this method a chance.    




The Best Days In The World

Natasha is a 4th grade student in Ms. Feldman's fourth grade class. The title of her blog was "The best days in the world". She posted about her whole day of preparing to go out of town to visit someone very special to her. As she packed her suitcase, she began to daydream about all the fun she was gonna have on her trip. She had to wait on her mom and brother to get all packed up. Two hours felt like forever to wait for them to get done. Natasha traveled to Missouri to visit her grandmother.

Holiday Writing

My kid this week was Paris, a Fourth grade student in Mrs. Morris class. The title of her blog is "Holiday Writing". Paris briefly wrote about what she did for her Easter holiday. She went horseback riding and did Theory, she found it very exciting. She enjoyed riding horses so much, she went again that same week. She also had  a chance to drive to Murtoa to visit a horse named Hilston.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Project #13

Using Collaborative tools such as Skype, Google Docs, Google +

Our group is Teachers for Peace, We chose texting as our Collaborative Tool. There are many ways you can connect through technology. The reason we chose to use texting is because of our schedules, we did connect in other ways also. Our primary source of connection was texting and we were able to clearly understand our project and who was doing what. We frequently spoke with one another through texting and we accomplished almost everything. At first I was hesitant but I'm glad I did it now I can text faster than ever and I can connect with more people through texting than calling. This was a great learning experience I learned a lot from this.

Project #16

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Teacher Frank Buck has a blog called Get Organized. The title of the post is Google Ready to Feedly revisited. This post is about Google Reader going away. He is not happy with this decision, along with many other people. Google Ready is a primary source for many people, including me. He went on to find out which is very similar to Google Reader. is also a great source that people can turn to after Google Reader is done with. It is a very easy sign up process.

My C4T for the 2nd week, Dr. Frank Buck, is being revisited with his post called Syncing Multiple Google Calendars on the Blackberry Playbook. Google Calendar gives you the ability to have multiple calendars. These calendars help you say on track for a day-to-day and long term obligations. he also walks you through the steps on how to sync multiple Gmail calendars on your Blackberry Playbook.

Blog Assignment #14

Teacher Know if You've Done the E-Reading

Adrian Guardia is a Texas A&M instructor who is using the CourseSmart system using e-textbooks. Students use digital textbooks so that teachers can track if they are really reading. They are able to observe if the students are taking notes or highlighting. Some students don't really learn the lesson, they  just cram it all in the night before. This digital device can help students get into a routine of actually reading the material given. This system has been tested by many and it is considered to be the most successful.

Point of View

As a future teacher, I really enjoy the idea of knowing if the students actually read or not. I believe that because the kids know they will be more cautious and actually read the book. I think that all of the kids who do care will actually do what they have to do to pass the class. That will be motivation for the students to get the work done and understand what they have completed, instead of just reciting the information. I feel that technology is very useful in the classroom, kids are learning how to use it rapidly. It is my duty to learn how to to use it and teach it.

As A Student

Viewing through a students eyes I would be very upset that my teacher could keep track on how I study the material. I wouldn't want my teacher to be able to invade my privacy. Teachers should not be able to control what I do outside the classroom. Students should be able to decide whether or not they want their teacher to be able to keep track of how they study or just read. Students have a right as well as a teacher.

Questions for Teacher

1. What is an easy way to begin students on the e-textbook?
2.What are some good reasons for teachers to use this program?
3. Have you personally saw an improvement in your students while using this program?
4. Do you think it is motivational for students to read?

Questions for Students

1. Do you think e-textbook is motivation for you to read?
2. Do you think your instructor should know when and how you study?
3. What are some positive and negative reasons for using this program?


This program has its pros and cons, there are some good reasons and bad reasons for this e-textbook.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Greenscreen Project

Special Assignment

Brian Crosby's Classroom

Brian Crosby is a sixth grade teacher who does his teaching a little different. He has a blog called "learning Is Messy". The post I viewed was "Back to the Future". Mr. Crosby uses lap tops in his classroom for every student. He also uses the smart board to make his class more attentive. He does a lot of hands-on projects like using fire and hot air balloons. Instead of doing boring tests his class blogs and write about what they learned. The students setup their own wiki page. They also skyped kids in other countries and commented on different blogs. They were considered active learners, they developed deeper knowledge by being hands-on. I love the way he has his class setup this will likely how I will do in  my future classroom. This concept seems to be the best way to reach the students without them getting bored.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Progress Report for Project #16

Our group is moving along nicely, we are meeting on Wednesday to finish editing our video. We met last week and prepared most of the recording we needed. Everyone is working together in a very positive way. We will be able to turn everything in early.

Blog Assignment #13

Blended Learning
Mr. Paul Anderson is a firm believer of blended learning. Blended Learning is used online, in the classroom, and on your mobile. The learning cycle consist of the core being evaluate, then engaging, expanding, explaining, and exploring. When you put the two together it is called blended learning cycle. The six parts of blended learning cycle is: 1. Question 2. Investigate 3. Video 4. Elaboration 5.Review 6. Summary Quiz. I think that this process does save more time for the teacher to do other thing so kids can learn hands on. I will definitely use blended learning in my future classroom.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blog Assighnment #12

Technology and Math

1. Math is a more challenging subject for students, to make it more interesting and easier to understand we can include technology in the classroom.

2. Go to watch video with 4th Grade teacher Todd Hausman. Post one or more paragraphs on how real life along with technology helped the kids in math and elapsed time.

Iditarod and Math

Teacher Todd Hausman a 4th grade teacher in Washington involved Iditarod and Math, integrating the two through technology. He used this concept doing elapsed time. The Iditarod dogsled race starts in Anchorage Alaska and ends in Nome. Elapsed time is a very tricky concept for a lot of students. The kids get to follow the live race that goes on for days. I think that this concept helped the students because they could actually see the process.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


What do you think as a student gain from blogging with students and others outside of the school?

This week I was assigned Mckenzie G. a student in Mr. Boylen's 8th grade class. She talks about how blogging was useless to students who didn't take advantage of the information that they could gain from blogging. She also feels that people should have a filter when blogging or commenting on a post. Mackenzie thinks that everyone can share what they truly feel when blogging.

Mr. Paul Huebl Class

I was assigned Nathan a sixth grade student in Mr. Paul Huebl class. He told a story about a homeless boy that becomes an orphan, then he ran away from his adopted family because he didn't like them. Then a hobo found him sleeping near a camp and to him to his new room. He said that he was the little boy in the story.

Wretches and Jabbers

My kid was Tyrese in Ms. Lentine's class, he talked about Larry and Tracey who both had autism. They came to his school and showed a video about autistic people. It made Tyrese pay more attention to the matter at hand. He said he was inspired by them and he thought they were awesome.


Emily is an eighth grade student in Mr. Boylen's language Arts class. She wrote a horror story, and the name of it was nightmares. This story was about a foster child who dreamed about his life with his original family which was horrible. He was a hardworking man that made a mistake and got really drunk and kidnapped  a child and tortured him.


Personal and Personalized Learning

My teacher Kiera Chase hosted by Russ Attenburg at Envision Academy. This gave them the opportunity to hear about resources and programs that Envision can learn from and with. Students were invited to speak with Russ about their blended learning experience. These students seem to enjoy this way of learning and they learn so they won't forget. They even applied this to how they learn in other classes.

Empowering Students To Own Their Own Learning: Some things we may need to know.

Miss Chase went to a teacher conference and recieved a lot of information about all the new programs that are being presented. Some programs are about students learning at their own pace and learning what subject they chose. I think it should still be some direction from the teacher so that the student can cover all the basic material.

Blog Assignment #11

Kathy Cassidy

 Ms. Cassidy is a first grade teacher who uses technology in her class as a teaching tool. They use Wiki, blogging, Nintendo DS,and other technologies in the classroom. Other teachers aren't as fond with these teaching methods. Ms. Cassidy thinks that all teachers should be technology literate. teachers should not reject new technologies. She has had a web page for ten years, a blog for five , and has been doing videos for two years. In  my future classroom I will be using blogging, I think it is a great way for kids to learn. I will make boundaries with the kids and, get all my parents on board.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Blog Assignment #10

Adventures In Pencil Integration
I'm thinking this picture is trying to say one is better than the other. Both pencils are good writing utensils, but one is a little more expensive with better quality. As I read comments I understood more and he said it was a mock of "I'm a PC and I'm a Mac" commercials. Since I have been in EDM 310 I have learned that a Mac is a better choice.

Why were your kids playing games?

We as future teachers need to focus on the best way for our students to learn, no matter what approach we use. I think author John Spencer was just trying to show us to stand up for what we believe in and what we feel is right. If we never voice our opinions we will never be heard. That principal is behaving like many teachers and principals are today. They are not willing to open their minds to different things.

The Con Academy

I get that the teacher thinks that flipped classrooms are for teachers who can't teach. A flipped classroom is so that all students can be helped at that moment even though it is one teacher. A lot of teachers don't take well to change, it's for the better.

Scott Mcleod
Director of Innovations for Prarie Lakes Area Education Agency 8 in Iowa. A professor at the University of Kentucky.

Don't teach your kids this stuff. Please?

I feel that this post is about not trusting the internet, and all the positive things it can do. There are a lot of negative things that can be found on computers, thats why parents and teachers should monitor the kids.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blog Assignment #9

Mr. Joe McClung
Mr. McClung is a teacher that blogs about his learning experience at the end of each school year. McClung is the author, What I learned this year is the link. In year 3  he learned a lot about who the boss is. As a teacher don't worry about adults they are not why you are a teacher. The kids should be the main priority. Decision making process should be student centered, they are the primary focus. Don't expect others to be excited about change, try to maintain a positive outlook. The naysayers that don't even try and say nothing is gonna work. there are a lot of teachers out there doing it for the money and not for the kids and that needs to be changed, and get more teachers who care. Don't be afraid to be an outside, sometimes it is what's best for the students. Be true to yourself. He would rather be an outsider than someone approval from other teachers. He hung out with students in the classroom rather than with the adults. He did not worry about others perception, he was there for the students. The teaching profession needs teachers that are passionate and willing to exceed the demands of normal teachers.

In Mr. McClung 4th year of teaching he was very worried about how his peers viewed him as a teacher. He worried himself a lot of the year with it. Then he came to realize he should stick to what got him this far. He knew if it worked for his students and superiors, it was good enough. I think as a future teacher I needed to only focus on what helps my students the most and continue doing it. I think when you worry about your peers you began to get off track of what you really should be focused on. Challenge yourself to stay focused and strive to be a  better teacher. Mr. McClung taught Social Studies and history for three years now he is offered a different grade and subject and he is glad because he can refocus. He found himself being that boring teacher he didn't like as a child. He wanted his students to enjoy school. I think all teachers should change up their lesson plans and ways of teaching, this will help teachers and students enjoy the lesson better.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Flipped Coach

I was assigned teacher John Hahnstadt. Flipped teaching is about having more hands-on time in the classroom. It is about doing the lecture part outside of class in order to be prepared for the student, so that they can learn at their own pace. This can be most useful in a Physical Education class, but recommended in all subjects.

Footwear for the High School Sprinter

Having the right shoe is very important for a track and field student. It can affect how they perform on the field. The first and most important shoe should be a pair of spikes. The runner should know how to handle their feet so they won't hurt anything. Flexible soles and low heels are the most popular and needed shoes. Most spike shoes are very similar with little difference. Do not buy the shoe with the biggest hype,  most shoes can be purchased under $50.  

Monday, March 4, 2013


I  would do my PLN like this because it is the simplest way. Everything is right out in the open for you to choose what you need. This would make it simple for students and teachers to get the information they need. 
In week one I was assigned Kaitlyn Watts blog. The title of her post was "Origin Myth". She is a 10th grader at Baldwin County high school. She did a short video on her own myth of how trees were made. The video was about a gremlin with a seed growing out of his back. I thought this video was very cute and really helped her brainstorm. I think this helps them broaden thier minds, and make the sky the limit.
My second week I was assighned a second grader Max, he was a student at West Nissouri Public School. The title of his story was "We Do". Max wrote his very first post, and he said he didn't know what to talk about. Max then went on and wrote about when he was a goalie and they won , he aslo made some saves. I love all the other encouraging comment on his blog. It will build up his confidence in the future. 

For my third week my kid was Maurice, a fifth grader in Miss. Ouaho class. He did a weekend recount on what he did for the weekend. He went to his cousin's birthday party at the park, and he really enjoyed it. He had cake, and his cousin got a remote control car for a gift. Maurice really likes going to birthday parties and having fun.

Finally, week four my kid was Latrice, a tenth grade student at the Baldwin County high school. The title of her post was "Hegemony". I'm not really clear on what that word means. She speaks about someone asking her opinion, she told them and they didn't like it. I'm thinking she made that word up to explain this definition.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Blog Assignment #7

Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch was a professor at Carnegie Mellon University. He did a video on his last lecture. Pausch had ten tumors in his liver and the doctor gave him 3 to 6 months to live. In this video he talked about his life and what he has done and who he has met along the way. He talked about three thing inparticular  his childhood dreams, enabling the dreams of others, and lessons learned ; how you can achieve your dreams or enable the dreams of others. These are the three points that he focused on the entire video.

Mr. Paush had childhood dreams that he wanted to fulfill. He acted as a journalist so he could fly and fulfill his childhood dream of being at zero gravity. The closest he got to playing in the NFL he played football in high school.He didn't make it to the big league but that did get where he is today. Being an author in the worldbook encyclopedia, he was an author for his freshman thesis paper. He changed being captain Kirk to meeting him and he actually did. Winning stuffed animals was an achievement. he and his family basically did it all his life. He was able to actually become an imagineer,he worked with Walt Disney and did the Aladdin ride. Jon Snoddy helped him along the way with that idea.

He also wanted to enable the childhood dreams of others. He was able to do that because he was a professor. Building Virtual worlds was a course he had at Carnegie he was able to reach students by the mass. I loved the virtual world video, I  wish I could take a course like that. This was a pioneering course. Dream fulfillment factory, called Entertainment Technology Center. He and his friend Don created it, they had companies to guarantee to hire students.

The lessons learned are abundant. We have others who help us along the way like teachers, mentors, friends, and colleagues. Andy van Dam was a mythical creature, Randy was his teaching assistant. He learned from his bosses and students. Loyalty is a two way street which is something I learned a long time ago. Never give up is my motto and he seems to think the same. Brick walls let us show our dedication, don't bail; the best gold is at the bottom of barrels of crap.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Project #10

Mimio Board

The Mimio board is a great technology based tool for the classroom. These are similar to SMART boards. Mimio Boards can be used by teachers to search websites, do graphs and other subjects. It can be used by students to do PowerPoint's. This product will be very useful in my future classroom. This tool is an interactive whiteboard so teachers can still teach how they want. I would mainly use this tool for grammar and math, it would be great for examples. I would expect for this tool to show step-by-step instruction.


Blog Assignment #6

The Networked Student

Being a networked student sounds like a great way to strengthen a student skills. The video "The Networked Student" by Wendy Drexler is a very informative video. She talks about the 21st Century student. The student learns connectivism such as, blogs and Google research. They learn effectively, and retain information better because they researched it and remember more. The student will get new contacts that will link them to more possibilities for information.

The question is asked "Why does the networked student even need a teacher?" There are so many answers to that question. Teachers teach you how to build this network and how to take advantage of learning opportunities. Teachers offer guidance when the student gets stuck, they show how to communicate properly, they help organize mountains of information, and they teach how to differentiate between good information and propaganda.

Teachers are the glue that holds the world of learning together. Teachers hope when a student leaves her class they will maintain their learning network and use it to navigate the future and creatively solve the world's problems. Teachers will always be needed for guidance and instruction. Technology is developing faster everyday and teachers should keep up so they will be able to keep their students informed.


Personal Learning Environments are great because it makes the student feel more comfortable doing classwork. In this video the student would rather do it this way because she could choose how and when to do her work. She organized her own personal page which makes it easier for her to do her schoolwork. I also like the  peer review idea, it gives the student feedback on what they did wrong.

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Krissy Venosdale is the author of "If I built a School" which can be found on Venspired. Krissy Venosdale is a teacher in Hillsboro School District. "If I Built a School" was a blog post about Venosdale building her dream school. I love all the different ideas, for example: A tree house in the library, cafeteria like a modern coffee house, a science lab with lots of tools, so student can do more than one project a year,and idea paint all over the school. This is somewhere I would love to teach. If I built my own school, I would have computers the kids could talk to instead of having to write down everything. The cafeteria would be buffet style with healthy good foods. The kids would go on virtual field trips, and a special room with 3D learning. I want all my students to be excited about learning.

Virtual Choir

I have never seen a video of people singing online, it was a beautiful performance.This video was inspirational, I feel when people see this they will know how important technology is. These performers were so amazing and they haven't met or ever sang together. the entire performance was put together on the Internet and that makes it unique. Eric Whitacre put this virtual choir together and made beautiful music, with the help of Scott Haynes who was the editor.

Teaching in the 21st Century

Teachers are no longer the main source of knowledge, they are the filter. Teachers show students how to use technology. There are so many questions that can be asked on the Internet, and teachers are there to direct them on how to search for it. Teachers that use all these different technologies or programs are gonna have students who are more comfortable with technology, and they are gonna progress and learn faster. Teachers can figure out how to use and apply technology to every class and subject. We as future teachers need to think of all the possibilities, no matter what tools we use as teachers they need to be relevant, challenging, and engaging. Students need to be engaged because it means they are active learning, they have long-term results, they are applying, and solving problems. I will be affected if I don't stay current.

Flipped Classroom

The flipped classroom approach is amazing, because it gives every student a chance to learn at their own pace. These ideas were created by Dr. Lodge McCammon. I will definitely use this approach in my future classroom. I feel if I use this technique in my class student will become more engaged, because they come into class prepared from the videos and information from the computer that their teacher has posted. I also like how teachers still make a way for student who don't have computers at home.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blog Assignment #4


Podcasting is great for reading along, it helps kids stay on track if they loose their place. Kids can hear themselves and experiment with their voices. I could use this in my future classroom because I like the hands-on approach. I thought the Flat Stanley idea was cute. The kids got their family and friends involved to help them travel around the world as Flat Stanley, and learn different states, countries, food and much more. There are many benefits of podcasting in the classroom. The teacher can make it centered by taking a project based learning approach.This is an effective way of interacting with students outside the classroom. For example, sick kids can stay home and download lectures as a podcast so they won't pass on the illness. Podcasting is a great tool to use in the classroom.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Special Blog Post #1

Did You Know?

I was one of the students that misinterpreted the data, but once I went back and paid attention I had a clear understanding. The population in China is 1.34 billion, India is 1.24 billion, and US is only 314.69 million. That's why the percentage is that way, these countries have four times the amount of people. 18 million Chinese speak English and 300 million are learners, which is more people total in the US if all of them learn the language.


WolframAlpha can be successful to my students and I. When comparing the states by putting in the information it doesn't take but a second to enter. The results come right up for you to view. If the students are doing in-class reports that reference is great for them because they can find the information instantly.WolframAlpha can be used in any classroom and it will be helpful to many.

Social Media Counts

Gary Hayes is the author of "Social Media Counts" which can found @Garyphayes. The social media count is something that all of us should keep up with, so we can see how rapid things are moving. It shows us things like Ipads and games that are being purchased and used down to the second. These numbers are moving up at an astounding rate. I am glad to know that I can check these numbers whenever I have the need.

As far as my professional career as a teacher I think that I need to keep up with these numbers and stay current. Teachers are going to start teaching these technologies, so they are going to have to keep up with the digital world and how fast it is moving. As a future teacher I need to know and be able to teach my students how to stay current.

Summay C4T


J.Hadley is my teachers name who's post I am commenting on. The title is "Middle school Matrix" which has several different topics. The twitter address is "".

Monday After

This post touched my heart so dearly, I was also inspired. Returning to school after that horrible shooting was very hard for the students and teachers at Sandy Hook. The main thing for the teachers was to take care of the students that were there. Hadley had three ideas that became guidepost. First, create security and calm around students, continue same routine to help rebuild the school world. Second, remember not to be an expert in this crisis and don't act like a know it all. Third, fear and pain does not disappear in one day, teachers don't have all the answers but their hearts should be there.

Times Square to the Waterfall

Connecting with other educators is awesome because they can get different ideas on teaching and class decorations. Twitter is one great connection for teachers to use to get connected to educators around the world. It is easier to build a relationship with a fellow teacher face-to-face rather than the digital world. Being digital is less pressure, the people following you don't have any expectations or requirements. The digital world is great for me because I will get to meet people personally and work related. The digital world also holds a large volume of information that you can learn from. Twitter is an advantage because, you can ask questions and state  your opinions. Basically, you need to learn the digital world and it will become very familiar to you..

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blog Assignment #3

Peer Editing

Peer Editing is a great way we as future teachers can teach and learn from each other.When I was in middle school we always checked papers and learned from it ,because we wanted a better grade so we wouldn't be embarrassed. I think that staying positive and giving compliments will help the writers confidence , as far as re-writing a good paper. It is motivational for your peers to be able to help you and you help them. I think of it as "free learning" which is what me as a poor college student needs.

There are three steps to peer editing compliments,suggestions, and corrections.Compliments eases the way they receive the critiques.Suggestions give them a better way to view and speak about the subject. Corrections help them have a more successful paper. The peer review mistakes were very funny,kids can be very cruel on how they deliver the message. All those scenarios were something I have encountered over the years.

The Mountbatton Braillewriter

The braillewriter is an awesome machine for the blind.I think this machine is amazing to have in a classroom. It can teach you to read and write braille.I would definitely use this machine in my future classroom.I think it would make students more well-rounded concerning reading.This also will make blind people more comfortable in a class setting.

Assistive Technologies

There are so many different technologies in the world for blind people.It is so many ways to teach blind people different skills and subjects.When I watched the video ,"teaching math to the blind" I thought it was an amazing technique and people with vision can also learn  the same thing. Blind people can do so much more now than twenty years ago and this shows us how fast technology is moving. I would love to learn braille so I would be able to communicate with blind students.

The ipad is another great computerized object that helps the blind with learning.The ipad is great for blind people because it is voice activated.The ipad is operated by a voice telling them how to operate and gives information and instructions about the applications.I think parents do need  to know how to operate the ipad that the child uses,so they can keep up with whats going on.

Digital Smarts

The video "Harness your students,digital smarts" by author Vicki Davis can be found on YouTube. Vicki Davis does the coolcat teacher blog.She teaches her class how to learn new software. While she teaches the kids about software she is constantly learning more about it herself.She also taught them to be comfortable with technology so they can get use to being on computers.

As teachers we have to understand that every child learns different and we should figure out what works for each child.Vicki Davis also wanted her kids to be empowered to share with one another.As technology change we have to change with it in order to stay up to date.In my future class I will ensure that me and my students are current on digital software.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Blog Assignment #2

Did You Know?

Did You Know?is a video revised in September 2012 by John Strange,based on the Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod version.This video can be found under, "Did You Know? 3.0 A John Strange version".Did you know some of this?,India has more people with high IQ's than people in the United States.I thought this was very interesting,soon more people in China will be speaking English than the entire population of the United States.In August 2011 we found out every minute 48 hours of video are added to the You Tube collection.Google searches increased in one year,11 million text messages in one minute is outrageous.Over 90% of 8-18 year old own computers,100% EDM310 students own cell phones.

This video has taught me alot as far as how rapid technology is moving in the world today.I will enjoy teaching these different technologies to my future students,that will start the base and they can build on it and learn while i learn the new technologies that are not yet invented.Every year something new is invented and it will only move faster and as a future teacher it is my job to learn and keep up so me or my students wont be left behind.Technology is and will be the basis of learning.

Mr Winkle Wakes

"Mr Winkle Wakes" is the title of the video written by,author Mathew Needleman.This link can be found on Create Lifelonglearners.In this video Mr. Winkle went to sleep and woke up from his nap 100 years later ,he found out everything had changed.We have come a long way in these past 100 years technology plays a very important role in the lives of people today.Mr.Winkle tried to process alot in a small amount of time,which is very overwhelming.

Some of us are alot like Mr.Winkle we have been sleep in our head and not changing with the world 'stuck in our old ways' and we are kinda lost with time.It is time that I start changing with the world and learning more about all these new technologies.All the people that don't wish to learn will have to use whether they want to or not.

Importance Of Creativity

Creativity is a big part of a teachers life because that's how they figure out how to teach kids so they want to learn.This video by Sir Ken Robinson called,"Schools Kill Creativity",found under TEDS link.I learned that creativity is as important as literacy. Many times we as adults are scared of being wrong,when kids are not.That is because we are educated out of it.Being wrong or answering the question wrong helps us learn what is right when we are corrected.

Sir Ken Robinson also taught me that Creativity is the process of having original ideas that have values.Intelligence has three parts diverse,dynamic and distinct.I think those three words speak for themselves.You should use the gift of imagination wisely.As teachers we should educate kids whole being so they can face the future and make something of it. I really liked this video because he was plain and simple where we can understand creativity and the importance.

Thoughts And Reactions

My thoughts on Mr. Winkle video are that we need to change with time.If we don't change with time we will be left behind like he was on the video.As we saw in the hospitals they had more machines to help you breathe if we didn't have that alot more people would not be living today.Also, we saw in the office building people talking to each other on computers and new machines for faxing and calling.
We also saw in the classroom where he was most comfortable not all those machines the teacher was doing a lecture.There was a dusty computer in the back,which shows you we have the power to teach the kids about technology before the go into the real world.


In the 4 ways teachers use this program I would use some of these ideas mainly lesson plans and organization.I would use the organization ideas because it will keep the classroom neater and all the students will know where to place it after they are done using it.

20 best Pinterest Boards The board I would choose is Rachel Friedrich.This board looks fun to follow and also effective because music is fun and songs are easier for most kids to remember.Reading Rainbow is a great example of this method.Kids also play popular games that deal with learning.There were so many games and videos to choose from but,one stuck out imparticular a rap video about the elements of reading and writing a story.I think this board is best for me to follow.

Pinterest is Useful I think that pinterest is very useful for the classroom.There are so many ideas out there all we have to do is look .These ideas are out there to make teaching easier and learning better.I think that my future students will love it because they will be more hands-on.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Blog Assignment #1

About Me                                                                                                                                                 I am a second semester senior at the University of South Alabama. I have lived in Mobile most of my life, and graduated in 2001 from C.F. Vigor High. In 2002 I left my hometown to go to Montgomery, AL to start on my degree in education which was very exciting because I finally felt like an adult. I really enjoyed myself partying,drinking,and staying out late. I had an opportunity to go to school and finish, but instead I abused it and did not finish.In 2008 my mom got really sick so I decided to move back home to help take care of her. I have two other siblings a sister and a brother, two nephews and one niece whom I adore.

I have been a server at Longhorn for close to five years,I decided last year to go back to school and finish. I now have an eight month old daughter and her father and I are raising her together and we are teaching her to be more responsible. I am also passionate about singing, it helps me stay calm even when I'm mad or upset. I have made plenty of mistakes in life that was worth learning from and that's what keeps me going. I went to the Bahamas last year  which was my first time out of the country and I truly enjoyed myself. Lastly, I will work harder to have a degree so I can do more things like that and be a great example for my daughter .

My Future Classroom                                                                                                                           In my future classroom which would be elementary I will be a caring,focused,and helpful teacher. I will use tons of teaching methods especially hands on and visuals. My teaching methods will be: lectures,class discussion,maps,globes, field trips,and educational films. I want to keep my class lively and I want my students to learn.I will have computer technology that will be used but not all the time because being hands on helps what they learn stick to the brain.

My students will learn at a very high level as much as possible.I will keep them involved so they can stay focused. I will ask them what tools do they feel most comfortable with so I can relate to whats easier for them. I want my students to be excited and pumped about learning,also I want them to know how important it is to get an education.

 My students will have plenty of learning tools such as computers,maps,textbooks and much more.I feel that tools are a big part of learning because they can refer back to these things so they will never forget. Technology will be a really big part of my learning tools because it is changing everyday and it will hold the most and recent information. I love reading so there will be a lot of reading out loud in my class so everyone can get a chance to participate.

My elementary classroom will be very colorful with learning information around them at all times.I will have different stations setup for them to work in so they won't be in one spot at all times. I will also have pictures and maps up so they can always have visuals to look at. My class will be very fun and interesting and I want my students to want to come to school.

Randy Pausch on Time Management
Dr.Pausch is the professor who wrote ''Last Lecture'' which was about goals, priorities, and planning.He talked about doing the right thing adequately and don't do the wrong things beautifully which made perfect sense. Experience comes with time, basically learn from your mistake learn while it's bad so it can go good.He also said,"failing to plan is planning to fail".

I learned that if I make a to-do list and break things down into small steps i wont forget anything. Next, do the ugliest or biggest thing first and get it out of the way. Dr.Pausch had pancreatic cancer he had tumors in his liver, even though he was very much in shape he had no control of the sickness.He knew he was about to die so he was able to prepare himself and his family for this hard time.He died at the age of 48 at his home surrounded with his close family.